Strolling Nagiso in Nagano
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Discover Flavors

Sweetened cooked freshwater fish

Sweetened, smoked, and salt-grilled freshwater fish including char, trout, and rainbow trout reared in the Tadachi district.

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Sweetened cooked freshwater fish

Akatatsu-zuke (Pickled red taro stem)

“Akatatsu” is salt pickled red taro stems, and a Nagiso specialty. Also known as “Zuiki-zuke”, it is a seasonal product available from October through February.
Chopped and topped with ginger, it goes very well with tea and various alcoholic drinks.

For sales inquiries, contact the Nagiso Tourism Association at 0264-57-2001.



“Kakizore Miso” is a country-style miso paste made from local soybeans and Koshihikari rice. It is produced and sold by “Iwakura Muraokoshi (Entrepreneurial) Association”, formed by volunteers in the Iwakura district. It has a limited production run of approx. 7 tons per year. We sell by appointment in November each year. * Product sales price includes tax (excludes postage).
We apologize if we are sold-out.

Please refer to the Kakizore Miso website for prices and other details.

Visit Kakizore Miso’s website here. NEW!!   


Kumazasa (kuma bamboo grass) tea and matatabi (catnip) tea

In the fall, we harvest wild kumazasa growing deep in the mountains of the Southern Area of Nagano Prefecture and grind them while they are still fresh. Our easy-to-make “Kumasasa powdered tea” and healthy, herb-blended “Miyamasasa” have both become popular souvenirs.
Shipping is available nationwide.
Visit the Kisoken Kumazasa Website here.

Kumazasa tea and matatabi tea


Kiso is known for its delicious soba. The taste of this dark, thick, hand-made soba is extraordinary.


Gohei-mochi (skewered rice cakes)

Made from slightly-mashed rice, grilled on sawara cypress skewers, then dipped in a special sauce made from walnuts, soy sauce and sugar. This regional specialty comes in two varieties (flat and round).


Local beers

Kisoji Beer is made with water from Mt. Nagiso, one of the highest quality water sources in Japan. Its fresh taste will remind you of the area’s crisp air, clear sky, and lush green foliage - a genuine gift from Kiso's nature. It will bring total satisfaction to your body and soul.

Local beers