Strolling Nagiso in Nagano
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Walking through the Nakasendo Road

Nakasendo Road was an official road during the Edo period connecting Edo (Tokyo) and Kyoto. Numerous attractions, such as Ryokan Haiku Monument and Tsumago Castle Monument, a legendary castle that is said to be impregnable against the grand Tokugawa army. Explore this history road like a traveler back in the day.

Nakasendo Road Walking Courses (Nagiso Sta - Magome Post Town)
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■Nagiso Sta → (7 min on foot) → SL Park → (15 min on foot) → Kabuto Kannon → (15 min on foot) → Ryokan Monument → (15 min on foot) → Tsumago Castle Monument Entrance → (8 min on foot) → (Koi-iwa)
Nagiso Town to Tsumago
Koi-iwa → (10 min on foot) → Tsumago Post Town and Nagiso Town Museum (Total 1 hr 30 min)

■ Tsumago Post Town and Nagiso Town Museum → (20 min on foot) → Hashiba Signpost → (10 min on foot) → (O-Tsumago)
O-tsumago → (25 min on foot) → Kurashina Ancestral Shrine → (8 min on foot) → Odaki and Medaki Falls → (25 min on foot) → (Ichikokutochi Bansho Ruins)
Ichikokutochi Bansho Ruins → (20 min on foot) → Magome Pass, Shiki Haiku Monument → (5 min on foot) → Pass → (15 min on foot) → Water Mill Monument → (25 min on foot) → Magome Post Town, Toson Memorial Museum
(Total trip: About 3 hrs 30 min)
O-tsumago to Magome Post Town

Midono Post Town and Yogawa Road Walking Course (Nagiso Sta - Midono Post Town - Nojiri Station)

■ Nagiso Sta → (30 min on foot) → Midome Post Town Honjin Ruins → (15 min on foot) → Nijusan’yato Tower → (1 hr 30 min on foot) → Koten-an & Autumn moon in Yogawa, one of the 8 Scenic Spots of Kiso → (10 min on foot) → Hakusan Shrine Giant Cypress → (40 min on foot) → Amidado → (30 min on foot) → Stone Buddha Signpost → (1 hr 30 min on foot) → Nojiri Sta
(Total trip: About 5 hrs)
Yogawa Road

 If you are planning on sightseeing in the extended area surrounding the village, please see here (wide-area tourism website "Shoryudo") for more information.