Strolling Nagiso in Nagano
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Nagiso Town Flowers

Introducing the flowers of Nagiso:

Featured flowers: Weeping plum, mitsuba-tsutsuji, cherry, and peach flowers
Weeping plum at Midono Honjin Ruins, Weeping plum in Wago, Weeping plum at the Kamikubo Milestone

Tenpaku Park Azalea field (Nagiso Mitsuba-tsutsuji Festival Open April 9 - 17, 2017)

The scene in bloom
The scene in bloom

The scene in bloom
Typical peak bloom is mid-April. However, the flowering time varies depending on weather conditions. Please contact the Nagiso Town Tourism Association for more details.

Peach blossoms in Fukibata Hot Springs Area

The scene in bloom
In full bloom
Before the bloom
Photographed on 4/23
Full bloom usually occurs from early to mid-May

Weeping plum in Midono Honjin Ruins, Kamikubo Milestone, and Wago

Midono Honjin Ruins
Midono Honjin Ruins
Kamikubo Milestone