Strolling Nagiso in Nagano
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Tadachi Falls and Odaira Pass


Tadachi Falls

“Tadachi Falls” refer to a group of waterfalls in Otaki River Valley, including Uru Falls, Rasen Falls, Senshin Falls, Kirigataki Falls, Tenga Falls, Fudo Falls, Somen Falls (Photo Top: Tenga Falls). It was designated as a scenic site in Nagano Prefecture in 1974.
The magnificent stream of the waterfalls combined with the nature surrounding them is mysterious and inspiring. In particular, Tenga Fall’s dramatic bursting stream from the top of the granite walls is breathtaking. No wonder people in the past regarded this as a sacred waterfall and did not climb to the top unless they needed to perform a prayer ceremony for rain.
Relax and enjoy refreshing in the forest.
Tenga Falls

* The tourism association charges an admission of ¥200 per person at Tsubukuri parking lot as a part of Tadachi Falls environment maintenance fee. Thank you for your cooperation.

Tadachi Falls Touring Course

Sakashita Sta or Nagiso Sta → (20 min or 30 min by taxi respectively) → Tadachi Falls Tsubokuri parking lot → (50 min on foot) → Rasen Falls entrance → (5 min on foot) → Senshin Falls → (10 min on foot) → Kirigataki Falls → (5 min on foot) → Tenga Falls (Total 2 hrs till this point) → (40 min on foot) → Tsubokuri parking lot → (30 min on foot) → Ono pond → (30 min on foot) → Tadachi Fishing Center → (25 min on foot) → Tadachi Sta (Total 5 hours)

Click here for a map and brochure (PDF)

View from Fudo-iwa (immobile rock)


Odaira Pass

Odaira Pass is a mountain pass situated on the boundary with Iida City. Located 1,358 m above sea level, it was a part of Odaira Road connecting Nakasendo Road and Iida.
In 1936, a famous poet, Mokichi Saito, went over this pass on his way from Midono to Iida to attend the Araragi poetry meeting.
He wrote 17 poems titled “Odaira Pass.” A monument inscribed with one of them was built near Kisomi Chaya (teahouse) on the Nagiso side.

There sits a village named Araragi on a foothill;
for me, it remains as a name of sorrow   Mokichi

The poem monument of Saito Mokichi


Nature Park

It is a wetland located 1 hour and 30 minutes from Tadachi Falls and Tenga Falls. Azuma shakunage (rhododendron) flowers that grow in a group bloom in May. Enjoy panoramic views of Mt. Ontake and the Central Alps.

Nature Park