Strolling Nagiso in Nagano
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Shiroyama to Wago


Tsumago Castle Ruins

Tsumago Castle is located in the southern part of Kiso Valley. It is a large-scale mountain castle that includes the main castle, second castle, empty moat, and castle wall. This legendary castle was believed to be impregnable, even against the grand Tokugawa army. It shows that this castle played an extremely important role in protecting Kiso Valley’s safety.
Today, remains of the main castle form a part of an open area surrounded by pine woods. There you have a marvelous view of Tsumago and Midono through the pine branches.

Photo: View of Tsumago Post Town from Mt. Shiroyama

View of Tsumago Post Town from the Tsumago Castle Main Castle Site


SL Park

This is the first attraction point on the History Road and Nakasendo Road that starts at JR Nagiso Station.
It is a D51 model, which ran through Kiso Valley in the 1960s and 1970s, preserved in a working condition.

D51 and Park


Kabuto Kannon

The origin of this kannon is in a historic event when Yoshinaka Kiso (Lord of Kiso, 1154 - 1184), who built a fort in Tsumago, placed his Kabuto Kannon statue in front of the fort gate when he left to join a battle on the Hokuriku road.
The vegetation of the environment is diverse, including camellias and crape myrtle. The weeping plums are in full bloom from late March through early April.
Nearby stood a tall red pine, which symbolized the romance of the renowned historical figures, Yoshinaka and Tomoe. Unfortunately, it was damaged by a typhoon. The tree was built into a water boat and is now on display.

Kabuto Kannondo and its perimeters


Ryokan Haiku Monument

The monument contains a carved piece of waka (Japanese poem) by Ryokan, a renowned poet of the late Edo Period, who traveled Nakasendo Road as a part of his pilgrimage.

 “In the middle of this lonely sunset field / a young male deer is crying for his young wife.”

Ryokan Haiku Monument